samedi 4 mai 2013

Tablaiyas du Pakistan

Voici quelques enregistrements qui figurent sur une cassette pakistanaise dont la pochette figure ci-dessus. Ces joueurs de tabla font parti de la vieille génération: Ustad Talib Hussain, Ustad Akhtar Hussain, Abd-us Sattar Taari. J'ai rajouté deux autres enregistrements rares: Un solo en tintal de Talib Hussain qui vient de LP "Music in the world of Islam, TGS 136", Un solo en tintal de Alla Ditta du LP "Pakistani Soul Session, ILP 945 A" et un solo en chautal au pakhawaj de Talib Hussain sur la casette "Lok Virsa CL 0041" Peut être qu'on trouvera ici des enregistrements qui figurent sur le CD mis en ligne sur le blog:, mais enfin tout cela reste d'une grande rareté!

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Tawfiq a dit…

Cher Hans,
thank you very very much for this post. This cassette seems to be the original of the recordings I posted earlier today.
The track info - as far as I can decipher it - is:

Side A:
1. Savari Panc Tal by Ustad Talib Hussain
2. Tintal by Abd-us Sattar Tari
Side B:
1. Rupak Tal by Ustad Akhtar Hussain
2. Pakhawaj Jhaptal by Ustad Talib Hussain
I will correct the post on my blog.

In your download link the Rupak Tal seems to be missing.
It would be great if you could also post Lok Virsa cassette CL 0041.

Bosmart a dit…

Dear Tawfiq,

I think the rupaktal solo is somewhere among the others: one of the file should contain two solos.
The CL OO412 cassette contains sort of a "best of" by Pakistani musicians. Lots of other instruments feature on on it.

Tawfiq a dit…

Dear Bosmart,
but the Rupak is about 15 min. long and there is no track in your download link long enough to contain 2 tracks.
By the way, I had posted already in june 2011 the complete LP "Pakistani Soul Session":

ASDLR a dit…

What an amazing post !

Thanks much