samedi 26 mai 2018

Danse macabre

Mes pieds
ne touchent
qu'à peine
le sol.

Ses pas à lui
sont sûrs
et mesurés

Il sait
où nos allons.
Au moins

je ne suis
pas seul
à y aller.

(My feet
the ground.

His feet
are sure,
and mesured

He knows
where we
are heading.

At least
I won't be going
there alone.)

vendredi 4 mai 2018

Brij Bushan Kabra In Memoriam

Brij Bushan Kabra who recently died, introduced the guitar into Hindustani music. A serious and profound musician, he kept clear of so-called "fusion",the bane of instrumental Indian music today. He did so unlike other guitar players in India and also, sadly, his disciple. He must have realized that making mediocre western music sooner of later drips into your whole musicianship. How can one separate the brain thinking you can both make great art and bad? This man kept his integrity. Here is his first LP record, made in 1967.

A rare American LP record from the NYC based Celluloid label. A live recording from September 1983 with a long alap in raga Puria. I put the two sides together to make one file.

The LP The Golden Guitar was published in 1986 by the NYC based Oriental Records label. Tabla accompaniment was given by Zakir Hussain. Raga Multani on both sides. The recording has been put together in one file. The Multani is followed by a short dhun.

"The Master's Touch" is a EMI LP ECSD 28.52, released in 1980. Zakir Hussain is on tabla. The ragas are Alhaiya Bilawal, Chandranandan and Gara's_Touch

Music for Meditation is a two cassette boxset released in 1992 (STCS 04B 7591/92). Zakir Hussain is on thabla. The ragas are:
Yaman, alap
Asa Mand, vil and drut tt
Misra Pilu dadra
Malkauns, alap
Manj Khamaj, tt
dhun, dipchandi tal

jeudi 3 mai 2018

Orgeuil devant l'écrasement

Il y a un ange
qui vient parfois
nous consoler.

Tomber, dit il,
c'est être en vie,

c'est comme la pluie:
ça rend heureux.

(Travail terminé mars 2017)